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New Items at Team Trinity!!!!

1-19-17 Motor City, Florida

Trinity releases the long-awaited Monster Horsepower Certified Plus. Our state of the art team motor comes with RED Ceramic Bearings, tested low-resistance stator and a rotor with very low asymmetry (guaranteed to be no higher than a “4” all hand-assembled and a print out on the Motolyser, the “STANDARD TEST MACHINE FOR EVERY MAJOR MOTOR BUILDER IN THE INDUSTRY”. It will show you the deviation on the sensor board and all the pertinent information you would want for a team motor! The very best of the best! Each motor is set up depending on the car you are using so you can be assured you just have to install it and you are good to go. Whether it is a 2WD buggy, a touring car, 1/12th on-road etc you can be sure it is all set up individually for your perfect application.











Ernie's Blog | 01/04/2017

1-4-17 Motor City. Florida

Team Trinity would like to welcome 10 year old Tater Sontag to our Off-road “A” team. He will be using Trinity motors and batteries for the entire 2017 racing season. #monsterhorsepower #whitecarbon


Trinity Monster Horsepower Modified Motors!

December 12, 2016 Motor City, Florida

Trinity Monster Horsepower Modified Motors are currently in stock in all winds from 2.5T through 9.5T and they have recently passed R.O.A.R Legality!

All the same great features of the Monster Spec Motors.

We also have the TEP 1535 Aluminum Sensor Board Available.





Trinity Announces New “OVAL” Weapon!!!!

November 14, 2016 Motor City, Florida

It is with great pleasure that Trinity introduces Ryan Rudy into our inner circle. Ryan will be testing, helping customers, building an oval team and doing motor and battery development especially in the “oval arena”
Born in Eau Claire, WI
Currently lives in Mooresville, NC
Studying both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Started Bullet Motorworks in the Summer of 2013, built the TQ and A-Main winning motors for multiple classes at these major events:
2013 Sprint Nationals
2014 Sprint Nationals
2014 February Freeze
2015 February Freeze
2016 February Freeze
2015 Snowbird Nationals
2016 Snowbird Nationals
2015 Ovalmasters
2016 CRC New Years Dash
2014 TOUR Nats
From Ryan:
“What I hope to accomplish is to show/prove to the majority of racers that they do not need to obsess or chase numbers when it comes to motors, the key to success is knowing all aspects of the motor, using them to tune accordingly, and then gearing the car to run in the power band of each motor. I’m here to do the testing and put in the work for Trinity so our customers can have more fun racing and winning.”



New Monster Chrome/Chrome Sheet

November 10, 2016 Motor City, Florida

New TEP9024 7×4 Chrome/Chrome “die-cut” Green Monster Pro Sheet! Available NOW!




Ernie's Blog | 11/03/2016

November 3, 2016 Motor City, Florida

Lipo Factory has announced a new 1S pack will be available shortly. 1S 3.7v 7000mah with 5mm gold bullets. These are 90c battery packs and come with a 60 day warranty.

Price is $32.99

lf-1-cell Lipo Factory 1 cell dist

Trinity Monster Horsepower Motor Parts!!!!!

Ernie's Blog | 11/03/2016

November 3, 2016 Motor City, Orlando

All the necessary parts to keep your Monster Horsepower Motors in tip-top shape!

img_6259 img_6260 img_6261 img_6263



img_6265 img_6266 img_6267 img_6269


Team Trinity’s Tony Rudis DOMINANT at IDMRA Drag World Championships!!!!

October 31, 2016 Motor City, Florida

Reported by Tony Rudis:
Great time this past weekend at the IMDRA World Finals. Qualified #1 in the 1S Pro Stocks class by more than a tenth of a second and #3 in Promod. In Elimination on Sunday ran a personal best of 1.606 in the first round (under my national record of 1.61) and made it to the finals against Team Driver Frank Martorelli. I took the win for the 3rd year in a row. I used a Trinity 2.5T Certified Drag Motor and TEP2300C White Carbon 6500mah HV Certified Batteries. Can’t wait to dominate next season with the new TEP1539 2.5 Monster “DRAG” Motor (which was way faster in practice)

#dragracing #whitecarbon #certified #monsterhorsepower


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New “Lipo Factory” R.O.A.R Approved!!!

Latest News | 10/17/2016 tags:

October 17, 2016, Motor City, Florida

Lipo Factory Battery Line now R.O.A.R. Legal



Trinity Monster Horsepower Motor Series Dominates On-Road Classes at IIC!!!

10-7-16 Las Vegas, Nevada

For the first time I made the trip to the Scotty Ernst’s IIC Championships in Las Vegas! I don’t know why it took me so long but if you are thinking about going to this event, don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t wait! It is without a doubt one of the best races I have ever attended. In my 36 years of business with trips all over the world, I have never experienced the promoter opening the race door each morning himself and welcoming each and every racer. We all felt “like we were in this together”. There is no higher compliment I can give Scotty Ernst. Great Job!

This is was the first race Trinity used our new R.O.A.R. approved Monster Horsepower (TEP1701 13.5) and TEP1702 (17.5) motors. With very little testing on these in on-road we brought motor-guru Jim Dieter in to complete all the final tuning. To say Jim and the Monster were successful would be a vast understatement. They dominated the event.

For the new 6.5 Modified Class we used our 24K (6.5T)  REV1816 modified motors.

A great introduction for the new Trinity Monster Horsepower Series Motors! Andrew Knapp won all 3 classes 13.5 plus TQ (with Knapp 1st, Ray Darroch 2nd, and Hupo Honiji 4th place and 5 out of 10 in the main)

In 17.5 Andrew Knapp lead a 1-2 sweel with the TEP1502 (17.5)

In the Modified 6.5 class Trinity had 4 out of 10 in the A-Main with our 24K REV1816.

#monsterhorsepower #whitecarbon #crc #hobbywing#indieterwetrust #bewareofthemonster


13. 5 "A Main" Left to Right Hupo, Young Money, Ray Darrock, Hefty Jesus

13. 5 “A Main”
Left to Right Hupo, Young Money, Ray Darrock, Hefty Jesus

WINNER Andrew "Young Money" with the sexy Courtney Day!

WINNER Andrew “Young Money” with the sexy Courtney Day!

Knapp's winning World Championships CRC Car....class of the field

Knapp’s winning World Championships CRC Car….class of the field

New Monster Horsepower Stickers!!!!

New Monster Horsepower Stickers!!!!

Monster Horsepower

Monster Horsepower

Donny LIa ran a Lipo Factory LF4023 battery pack (only $29.99) to 3rd Place in the 235mm 1/10th class!

Donny LIa ran a Lipo Factory LF4023 battery pack (only $29.99) to 3rd Place in the 235mm 1/10th class!

Ron Schurr from Hobbywing and Jim Dieter of Trinity

Ron Schurr from Hobbywing and Jim Dieter of Trinity

Left to right Lauren "Money Train" Knapp, Andrew "Young Money" Knapp, Ray Darroch and Jim Dieter (SMILING)

Left to right
Lauren “Money Train” Knapp, Andrew “Young Money” Knapp, Ray Darroch and Jim Dieter (SMILING)


Team Trinity

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